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IFSO 2017 Abstract Submission Instructions

Submission Dates: 1st December 2016 - 10th April 2017

Submission Deadline: Monday 10th April 2017 23:59 GMT

Meeting Dates: 29th August-2nd September, 2017

Location: QEII Centre, London, UK


You are invited to submit abstracts for original oral, poster and video presentations in any of the congress’ scientific topics. Please ensure you read the guidelines and instructions below to avoid rejection of your abstracts.

Click here to visit the online Abstract Submission Form


Abstract Topics

Adjustable gastric banding
Integrated Health/Multidisciplinary care*
Anaesthesia and bariatric surgery
Banded procedures
Bariatric registries*
Bariatric surgery in children, adolescents and young adults
Bariatric surgery in the over 65’s
Bariatric surgery tourism
Basic science and research in bariatric surgery*
Dragons’ Den in the Shark Tank (proposals for randomized controlled trials)* - submission now available - click here for guidelines.
Emergent technology
Endoscopic and Percutaneous Interventional Procedures
Enhanced recovery in bariatric surgery
Exercise and bariatric surgery*
Fertility, pregnancy and bariatric surgery*
Gastric bypass procedures including Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and One Anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB)/MGB
Gastric Plication
Gastric Stimulation and Nerve Blockade
Hernia surgery in the bariatric patient
Malabsorptive bariatric operations
Medical management of bariatric patients*
Nutrition after bariatric surgery*
Plastic surgery after weight loss
Pre-operative management*
Post-operative care*
Post-operative complications
Primary care and the bariatric surgery patient*
Psychology and bariatric surgery - pre and post-op challenges*
Quality in Bariatric Surgery
Revisional surgery
Robotic bariatric surgery
Management of weight regain after surgery
New (Non Standard) Surgical Techniques
Sleeve gastrectomy
Surgery and strategies for low BMI
Technology and bariatric surgery
Type 2 diabetes and metabolic surgery
Young IFSO session

*Denotes that the topic is NOT available for video presentation abstracts.


Guidelines and instructions

In order to submit your abstract, please visit the Online Abstract Submission Form and follow the instructions to submit your abstract.

You will need to create an account in order to submit your abstract.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions below when submitting your abstract:

The reviewers are blinded as to the authors and their affiliation. Please do not put any information in the body of the abstract or the video that may indicate the provenance of your abstract.

Format of your abstract

 *For Dragons' Den in the Shark Tank, please follow the submission guidelines here.

For all other abstracts, please see as follows:

  • The title of the abstract must be less than 20 words. 
  • The body of the abstract must be concise with less than 250 words. The abstract system will not accept abstracts that exceed 250 words (body of the abstract). 
  • The abstract must be split into the following sections:
    • Background / introduction
    • Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • There are three types of presentation available – Oral, Poster and Video. Please note that selecting oral will ensure your abstract is considered for oral presentation. As presentation slots are limited and the abstract may be reallocated for poster presentation. The best 40 poster presentations will be invited to give a 3-minute short oral presentation during the lunch breaks. The author will be notified of this decision by 10th May 2017.
  • Please ensure that you indicate the presenting author on the abstract. If the submitting author is also the presenting author then please mark this as the presenting author. If the submitting author is different, please indicate both the submitting author and the presenting author
  • Standard abbreviations and SI units must be used. Non-standard abbreviations must be defined in full at their first appearance.
  • It will be possible to insert tables into abstracts – a maximum of 2 can be submitted. Please note that inserting tables will reduce your word capacity.
  • It is NOT possible to insert images.
  • Videos – Please submit the abstract and upload the video for review. Videos under 50MB in size can be uploaded to the system. Videos over 50MB should be uploaded to WeTransfer and the link added to your submission. Acceptable video formats are: .avi, .mp4 or .mov
  • Videos should be in a standardized format: (1) Video title (2) clinical presentation and indication for surgery, (3) preoperative x-ray images/endoscopy/blood results, (4) operative procedure and (5) postoperative outcome. Videos must include verbal narration. Narration must use generic terms, and no use of commercial/proprietary names is allowed. Videos must not exceed 7 minutes in length. Do not include authors or affiliation in the video or body of abstract.
  • Careful typing and proofreading are essential, as otherwise the abstract may be amended or rejected.
  • Results reported using statements such as “results will be presented” or “data will be analysed” will not be accepted.
  • A maximum of 5 abstracts will be accepted per presenting author. Those who have already reached this number can only be listed as co-author.
  • There are no limits of authors per abstract.
  • Original work only will be accepted.
  • The decision of the scientific committee is considered supreme and irrevocable, and shall not be revised. 

The submission system allows for submitters to save and continue to work on the abstract later – if you choose this option you can log in and continue to work on the abstract at any point up to the abstract deadline. Please ensure that you have selected “save and submit” when you have completed the abstract and no further work is necessary.

Please note that all abstract presenters are required to register for the conference by no later than 22nd May 2017– if you have not registered by this date your abstract will be withdrawn.

You can register HERE



IFSO Top Poster prizes

Three poster prizes ($300 - $200 - $100) are given to the best 3 posters. The winners will also receive free registration and an invitation to attend the Congress Dinner, which will take place on 1st September, when they will receive public recognition for best abstracts.

ASMBS Young Investigator Award

The best abstract (oral) by a young investigator (under 40 years) will get free registration, an invitation to attend the Congress Dinner and will be awarded with $3,000 by ASMBS. The public recognition of the Young Investigator Award will happen during the Congress Dinner on 1st September. Authors can enter their date of birth on the abstract submission system – authors who were born after 01/09/1977 and enter their date of birth on the system will automatically be entered.


What happens once I submit my abstract?

Once the corresponding author has selected “save and submit”, the corresponding author will receive an e-mail confirming the successful submission of the abstract.

Abstracts will be reviewed using strict guidelines and presenters will be notified of their abstract status no later than 10th May 2017.

Authors will have until 22nd May 2017 to withdraw abstracts from the proceedings. After this date no withdrawals will be accepted.

Presenting authors have to register to attend the meeting by the 22nd May 2017.

Further information on your presentation (presentation time for oral presenters, set up details for poster presenters) will be sent to authors in June 2017.

Abstracts will be published in “Obesity Surgery” which will be available in electronic format at the conference.

In case of a no show without written justification to Congress after the approval of the abstract, the Scientific Committee will contact the author to ask the reason. If they don’t receive adequate justification, the author will receive a suspension from participation in the next two IFSO congresses.


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